Tired of

getting nowhere

with weight loss?

There is a better way.

It's about getting healthy

mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  • Are you tired of fighting off cravings and trying to "be good" around food?

  • Are you unhappy with your weight and ready to change it?

  • Do you want to apply powerful mindset principles to stop the habit of overeating?


Other programs fail as they don't address the challenge of overeating.

Start with this FREE guide:

"3-keys to stop overeating"

You'll learn:

  • The mindset that retrains your brain and stops overeating.

  • How to stop cravings for sugar and empty carbs

  • How to break the habit of emotional eating

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IMAGINE A LIFE where you are .............

  • Easily handling urges for carbs, sugar & processed food.

  • Kicking the habit of emotional eating.

  • Changing the habit of mindless eating.

  • Eating foods that promote health and reduce inflammation.

  • Getting your blood sugar monitored for better balance.

  • Gaining intrinsic motivation for health and wellness.

  • Feeling great, aligned with your health goals.

  • Creating time for self care in your full schedule.

Your relationship with food doesn't have to be so challenging.

It can include enjoyment,

and bring you health and thriving,

AND it's not about control or punishing.

It's about getting healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally
and using a brain-based
more intelligent approach.

The Coach Approach

You CAN change your relationship with food.
Start now by changing how you
*think *
and what you
*think *
is possible for you.

Do not wait until the conditions

are perfect to begin.

Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

Get started now.

Begin building healthy habits

HABITS that will last a lifetime.

A year from now, what will be different? Where will you be with your health and well-being?

You can take the first step right here.

Don't wait to start feeling better.

Have your past attempts to lose weight ever solved the real problem? No because you didn't know how to control the overeating so your weight loss didn't last.

Based on current mindset and brain science, you'll learn my 3-step method to curb cravings and stop overeating. It's time for food freedom and a healthy weight you feel good about.

More than Weight Loss

Come experience the power of coaching.

What my clients are saying...




"My days have become much more optimistic and hopeful. Now I know I hold the power to recognize and change my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. If I had known how valuable Jenifer's coaching was before I started... I would've started sooner!"



"I think about my overall health more comprehensively – nutrition, exercise, behavior, spiritual awareness, emotional components – they all come into play when making changes.

I feel stronger, less critical of myself, and more attuned and aware of food/nutrition in general – and a greater understanding of what motivates me and what sabotages me. I’ve learned that it’s possible to stay on course and how to intercept negative thoughts and work toward a more positive path."



"You helped me to streamline and prioritize the important aspects of my life. Before, I felt unhealthy and overwhelmed with " to-do" lists, drained and impatient with my family. After implementing the concrete solutions to focus on my own health and well-being, I'm back to feeling more balanced and motivated."

A simple approach that means you will start feeling better NOW

Change the way you THINK about it.


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