"If whatever you're doing, isn't working, don't do it harder"

There is an easier way to health and well-being.

Time to break ties with diet culture

You've tried it all.

There is a better way to health and fitness.

"If whatever you're doing, isn't working, don't do it harder"

Let's break free of the old ways and try something brand new.

What my clients are saying...

I have developed a greater self-acceptance and a desire to choose healthy and life affirming foods and exercise… I now have a safe and intelligent space to explore my eating habits and my emotions, thoughtfully, and lovingly.  There is no dogma.  I am given the opportunity, through reflection and gentle guidance, to make healthy changes in my eating, in my exercise, and in my thinking.  I’ve discovered how to feel good within my body. “

-Lisa C. 


Health and well-being on your own terms.

Break ties with diet & weight loss culture
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L is for Loyalty

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