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You CAN be at your Happiest, Healthiest weight without depriving
without giving up your love of food.

The 3 reasons you're not there yet.

What my clients are saying...

I have developed a greater self-acceptance and a desire to choose healthy and life affirming foods and exercise… I now have a safe and intelligent space to explore my eating habits and my emotions, thoughtfully, and lovingly.  There is no dogma.  I am given the opportunity, through reflection and gentle guidance, to make healthy changes in my eating, in my exercise, and in my thinking.  I’ve discovered how to feel good within my body. “

-Lisa C. Life Coach



E is for Emotion

There are different ways to handle our feelings.   Resist.  Judge.  Indulge. And Ignore them.   OR we can FEEL them, so

D is for Dirty Dozen

As we increase our intake of healthy fruits and vegetables it’s necessary to navigate the organic vs. non-organic decision. In

C is for Caloric Density

One blueberry contains one calorie.  A Calorie is a unit of measure. It’s a measure of energy the body gets

Break Free
Find your ease with food

A brain-powered approach to ending the struggle with weight.  

Step into your future of health and vitality. 

 Learn why you’re still in the battle.

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