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I have developed a greater self-acceptance and a desire to choose healthy and life affirming foods and exercise… I now have a safe and intelligent space to explore my eating habits and my emotions, thoughtfully, and lovingly.  There is no dogma.  I am given the opportunity, through reflection and gentle guidance, to make healthy changes in my eating, in my exercise, and in my thinking.  I’ve discovered how to feel good within my body. “

-Lisa C. Life Coach



H is for Hara Hachi Bu

I learned the meaning of this phrase after completing “The Blue Zones”.  A book highlighting stories of the world’s longest

G is for Gut Health

“Gut instinct” “It takes guts” We often talk about our gut, but what is gut health? When referring to our

F is for Fiber-fueled

We humans evolved eating huge amounts of fiber, likely up to 10 times more than we eat today. Fiber is

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