Life Coaches and therapists:
Isn't it time to stop worrying about your weight and release it instead?

 Learn 3 tools to get started overcoming patterns of self-sabotage 

I’m Jenifer,

and I understand the struggle

It starts early. The exposure to sugary, fatty, salty food ever present in the American diet.  As a child I would dash upstairs to beat my siblings, shaking that box of Kelloggs Sugar Smacks, my brain all set to repeat the reward.   In college, I became interested in health and nutrition, yet managed my own stress with cycles of over-eating an over-drinking then exercise and deprivation to make up for it.  I adopted patterns that didn’t serve me. Later attempts at dieting simply reinforced my patterns and had me turning off my brain

Over time I learned how much control I had of my health and well-being.

A life coach myself, I’ve created a program for coaches and therapists that honors our desire to feel and look  our best.  And to grow in awareness, acceptance, and self-love.   

You’ll reset your mind and body for lasting weight loss Join me and get on the path to feeling your best. 


E is for Emotion

There are different ways to handle our feelings.   Resist.  Judge.  Indulge. And Ignore them.   OR we can FEEL them, so

D is for Dirty Dozen

As we increase our intake of healthy fruits and vegetables it’s necessary to navigate the organic vs. non-organic decision. In

C is for Calorie

One blueberry contains one calorie.  A Calorie is a unit of measure. It’s a measure of the amount of energy

The Weight Coach for Coaches and Therapists

Weight loss you
can live with

A thoughtful and wholistic approach to achieving your natural weight.  Step into your future of health and vitality. 

Start with the tools for overcoming self-sabotage

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