L is for Loyalty

Jenifer Paredes

Apr 21, 2022

Loyalty: a strong feeling of support or allegiance. A faithfulness, adherence.

As I started this post, my initial thought was to choose the word Love.  But after reviewing my notes, I chose Loyalty and how it relates to love. I was inspired by this poem by Rumi.

"Love is always loyal.

Love demands your absolute loyalty.

Love won’t even look at a disloyal lover."

- Rumi

Loyalty to self-love? 

As humans, we have a deep need for love, belonging and connection. But we now know that at the heart of that need for love and belonging is our ability to accept and love ourselves. So we must start here.

An absolute loyalty to self-love

Unconditional support of self. Inherent lovability. A devotion. More than a commitment.

Not dependent on changing outside influences. Not dependent on our natural human propensity to make mistakes.

Not dependent on all the judgements of self or others.

It’s about being loyal to self.

What if self-love simply demands absolute loyalty? 

A faithfulness, an allegiance, an adherence, a strong feeling of support. 

Loyalty, according to Mario Martinez, author of The MindBody code, is the healing field for the archetypal wound of betrayal. Maybe self-love is really about not betraying ourselves? 


 We are good at feeling deep empathy for others but often neglect feeling this for oneself. Developing empathy for ourselves can be practiced.

"We cultivate love and empathy for ourselves when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known."



Written by:

Jenifer Paredes

Certified Life Coach

Apr 21, 2022