A is for Apple

We’ve developed an unnatural desire for foods that are making us sick.  The science is becoming clear, the SAD, (Standard American Diet) is not working.

Time to use our brains to change it. 

The human brain is wired to derive pleasure from food. It’s a necessary part of our survival.  Yet rich foods, such as french fries, donuts, fried chicken, pizza, sugar-laden deserts, these trigger an uncontrollable, unnatural desire in the brain. The pleasure seeking brain, if continually rewarded by these foods, will want more and more.

The solution is simple, and has two parts.

1)We cut out these unnatural calorie dense foods, so that our brain will learn to stop desiring them.

2)We consume more nutrient rich fiber-filled foods instead.

Nourish ourselves without stimulating desire.  

Most of us have tried the first part, and cut back on high desire foods, and now it helps to start eating a variety of whole food, fruits and vegetables.

We can start with Apples. 

One apple at a time.

My simple “apple a day” habit has served me well. Like all fresh fruits, apples have high water content and are full of soluble fiber.

I choose organic, as apples are on the dirty dozen list. I prefer them cold. I cut them, pack them and dip them. I dip them in plain yogurt mixed with honey or peanut butter. I add lemon or cinnamon to them. Here’s a few other ways I eat them.

Apple relish 

½-1 apple, a handful of walnuts and 2-3 dates. Chop all into bite sized pieces or pulse in a processor. Top your oatmeal or yogurt, or eat on its own.

Apple Muesli 

Using a Grater, grate half an apple into a bowl of swiss muesli ( ½ c ) that you’ve mixed with 2 -3 TBS yogurt. (I use whole milk plain greek yogurt), Let sit for 15 min. 

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