"I can't imagine a better way to use our mind than in service of a healthier body"

Building mental & physical fitness means more joy and ease

Getting healthy from the inside out

Break free of diet culture and learn a new way of eating.

The brain science is here. We can use our smarts, retrain our brains, and develop mind power (not will power).

Interrupt the old patterns, release our judgements, and start creating healthy habits that last.

Here's a little bit of my story

Years ago I studied exercise physiology, then worked as a health educator at the Pritikin Longevity center, a wellness program. I saw participants gain exciting changes in health outcomes with small lifestyle changes, namely exercise, eating whole natural foods, and mindfulness stress reduction.  I became very committed to my own health. Later I switched gears and went to work in big Pharma healthcare, (Pfizer) and later a corporate diet program, (Jenny Craig). 

My experience with Pfizer and Jenny Craig gave me an understanding of the power structures in place, and that despite all we know about impacting our health with behavior change, it’s a huge challenge to shift the status quo.

The promising offers of diet programs, the endless ads for prescription drugs,  and the way we are overrun and addicted to processed foods carefully crafted by the powerful food industry. All  have kept us from exerting our own authority. 

The largest negative impact on our health over the last 100 years has to be our food, the way we eat, and how much we eat. The Standard American Diet (SAD)  is wreaking havoc. 

Changing the way we eat is key. And it’s not hard. We just think it is. 

Look to the power of intuitive eating, and the power of your own mind.  I can’t imagine a better way to use our mind than in service of a healthier body.


I work with clients one on one and small groups.

I offer a structured program that get’s results. Let’s talk! 

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