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About Jenifer Paredes: 

Jenifer Paredes is a distinguished Health & Mindset Coach. 

From her lifelong experience in the health industry, one thing has become obvious: The changes we've made in the food we eat, over the last century, are wreaking havoc on our health and aging. 

She started her career as an educator in a wellness center after receiving Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. She trained under Dr. Zach Bush in the area of Intrinsic Health and is also a certified meditation teacher. 

Jenifer helps her clients delve deeper into the overwhelming emotions of battling food consumption.

Insistent pressure to be thin wreaks havoc our relationship with food – leading to negative body image and a dangerous embrace of diet culture.

Her clients learn to care for themselves, have a positive body image, be mindful and joyful when eating, and create a happy relationship with food.