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Food for Thought:
Jenifer Paredes 

Jenifer Paredes is a distinguished Health & Mindset Coach. 

From her lifelong experience in the health industry, one thing has become obvious: The changes we've made in the food we eat, over the last century, are wreaking havoc on our health and aging. 

We have majored in convenience and minored in nutrition. While it’s actually much easier to give your body better nutrition and have more enjoyment from the quality of your food. 

You can outperform deprivation and restrictions with healthy eating and exuberance. 

Already at a young age, Jenifer dialed into this area. Insistent pressure to be thin – from growing up in Southern California – helped her realize how to overcome negative body image and diet culture. 

She started her career as an educator in a wellness center after receiving Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. She trained under Dr. Zach Bush in the area of Intrinsic Health. She is also a certified meditation teacher. 

Jenifer’s skill set and experience enable her to delve deeper into the overwhelming emotions of people who battle with food consumption.