F is for Fiber-fueled

We humans evolved eating huge amounts of fiber, likely up to 10 times more than we eat today.

Fiber is not a very sexy nutrient and yet it’s the one we really want to get to know better. 

We can stop worrying about getting enough protein. 

97% of Americans are not getting enough fiber and it’s having an impact on our health.

And an impact on our gut microbiome, which is a very important topic for another post. 

Fiber is present in all plant foods, fruits and vegetables, and doesn’t exist in meat, dairy or eggs. 

Fiber-rich foods can help reduce cravings, and help you feel satiated.

They can help remove toxins.

They can help you maintain your natural weight.

They are nutrient rich and provide balance in our gut. 

The fiber present in foods, such as an orange, or berries, or beans, keeps blood sugar steady and won’t flood the pleasure centers in your brain.  

Quick take-away:

Try trading deserts like ice cream or cookies FOR apple slices and creamy nut butter or blend a frozen banana w/ nut butter for a fiber fueled “ice cream”.

Try trading cheetos or potato chips FOR roasted thinly sliced potatoes, or roasted sweet potatoes w/ toasted pecans.

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