Looking for light
at the end of the tunnel,

every time you open your fridge?

You are not alone. The average person opens their fridge 15 to 20 times a day.


And steadily release weight.

Mindshift :  Rewrite your food story

“Unless you solve the problem behind overeating, you can’t solve the problem
of being overweight” 

Stop punishing yourself with dieting

You know how it feels to study a 7-day diet plan until you have almost memorized it. To go through it mentally, over and over, before Day 1.

Which starts with grapefruit and black coffee for breakfast. And the two eggs, spinach, and salt for lunch. 

At least the small cup of vanilla ice cream on Day 4. Maybe you can do that. 

You’ve already stopped blaming yourself for not sticking to one cup of ice cream…  And your abrupt end to the umpteenth unfinished diet attempt for the year – in which time is already not on your side.

You stopped trying some time ago.  

And making peace with the unlikely chance you’ll ever try again is perhaps the only “slim” thing in your life right now. 

Empower yourself:

Change your relationship with food permanently

Forget everything you know concerning other people’s rules about food. It is your body. 

Change your food story by exploring deep-seated emotional connections around food. Through the power of your brain, you can use nutrition to look and feel at your best! 

Before you know it, you won’t put too much effort into thinking about food.  

The body’s response will be an impetus: Healthy eating will become the enjoyable breeze it is meant to be. 

Get results that last

Choose a Food Story that
serves you: 

If what you eat serves your health , then you practice self-love

And only once you have self-love, can you think of loving others and being loved by others

Food impacts many areas of our lives

Foremost our health

When we eat mindlessly, we interfere with our metabolic health. With 70 – 80% of our immune cells situated in our digestive organs, there is nothing that affects our health more than what we eat.

Learn how to change your mind about food

Our Offer To You:

  • Discover the joys of healthy eating. 

  • Make it simple, practical, and easy.  (We’ll show you how with live meal demonstrations.) 

  • Streamline your efforts so that having healthy meals will be exciting. 

  • Save money by buying whole foods and rely less on meat as a source of protein. 

  • Eat more plant-based foods. It empowers you and benefits the planet. 

  • Know how to deal with cravings and slay your sugar addiction once and for all. 

  • Have a sounding board to understand your mind-body connection better. 

  • Learn how to strengthen your microbiome and facilitate self-healing. 

  • Have the energy to pursue new pleasures. 

Eating right is an act of self-respect.
Make the mind shift

Food for Thought:
Jenifer Paredes 

Jenifer Paredes is a distinguished Health & Mindset Coach. 

From her lifelong experience in the health industry, one thing has become obvious: The changes we've made in the food we eat, over the last century, are wreaking havoc on our health and aging. 

We have majored in convenience and minored in nutrition. While it’s actually much easier to give your body better nutrition and have more enjoyment from the quality of your food. 

You can outperform deprivation and restrictions with healthy eating and exuberance. 

Already at a young age, Jenifer dialed into this area. Insistent pressure to be thin – from growing up in Southern California – helped her realize how to overcome negative body image and diet culture. 

She started her career as an educator in a wellness center after receiving Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. She trained under Dr. Zach Bush in the area of Intrinsic Health. She is also a certified meditation teacher. 

Jenifer’s skill set and experience enable her to delve deeper into the overwhelming emotions of people who battle with food consumption. 

Stop fighting yourself around food

When the “why” question is explored,
shame and guilt disappear.

This already assists in the struggle against overeating, cravings, and appetite. 

Jenifer’s coaching enables her clients to know and be aware of the underlying factors that influence their behavior. And to form new and
uplifting body-mind connections.

Snared for so long in the silent pain
of being overweight?

Is overeating only leaving you hollow inside?

Or perhaps you have reached a point of stalemate in the quest for optimum nutrition and health.

It is normal to feel disillusioned, especially if you have put effort into previous attempts with no meaningful results.

In this vicious cycle, it is easy to overeat. Because something is eating you inside.

You need fresh enthusiasm

to change your life

By changing your habits

around food

Approaching your eating habits from the emotional side makes all the difference. Through support and direction, we help you to see solutions.

By being aware of the trap of eating badly on bad days you can learn to avoid it.

Because this course is not centered around weight loss, but around a mind shift that naturally leads to weight loss you don’t have to fear failing yourself or gaining weight again.

You won’t   fail  yourself around food. 

You will   FIND   yourself around food.




"My days have become much more optimistic and hopeful. Now I know I hold the power to recognize and change my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. If I had known how valuable Jenifer's coaching was before I started... I would've started sooner!"



"I feel stronger, less critical of myself, and more attuned and aware of food/nutrition in general – and a greater understanding of what motivates me and what sabotages me. I’ve learned that it’s possible to stay on course and how to intercept negative thoughts and work toward a more positive path."

Feature Headline


"Before, I felt unhealthy and overwhelmed with "to-do" lists, drained and impatient with my family. After implementing the concrete solutions to simplify my life, and focus on my own health and well-being, I'm back to feeling more balanced and motivated."

Come and join the tribe! 

Build a strong foundation of self-love – from within

Where dieting and weight loss programs had you battle with yourself around food, you will now
stop worrying about food.

This is a paradigm shift: Where dieting and weight loss programs are hard to finish, you won’t want to stop the new simple and delicious ways of
going about eating.

You won’t be able to stop the steady
weight release either.

With healthy food, you will be satisfied and satiated – perhaps for the first time in a long time.

You will look forward to waking up and having your delicious healthy breakfast!

You will learn to make mealtimes simple and streamline efforts to not take much of your time.

Stone for stone, you are not alone

  • The program includes Jenifer’s renowned coaching, starting off your week with a Zoom Call. With a second contact and the end of each week to keep you on track using a messaging app.

  • This ensures you get the support you need over the 8 weeks.


I don’t have a problem with overeating, but I would like to change my relationship with food. Would this still help me?

Absolutely yes, you will be empowered to learn how to make empowering choices in your relationship with food. 

Is it still possible to do this course if I have family members that don’t want to stop eating the way they do?

Because we rather focus on principles and methods, you won’t have to follow strict meal plans. A new story of thinking about food will open up for you. And your enthusiasm will certainly affect your family and friends. Chances are good your family will start enjoying the taste of new meals too. 

If I need extra help and motivation, will I have online support?

Yes, and an option for one-on-one coaching is also available. 

I have a health issue. Can you still help me?

Yes, because you will learn how to work with, and not against, your body. We honor the fact that your body is hurting for some reason and that it needs repair. It needs healing, and the work that we do supports that. 

I failed so many times before. How do I know this is going to be different?

Both the methods and the principles of this course are probably very different from anything you have tried before. Discovering your food story and acknowledging emotional connotations with food will enable a new approach. 

Is this program also suitable for men?

Absolutely yes. 

Understand how to use the power of your brain

And lay down your sword

Your emotional worries around food will be resolved to facilitate a state of release

We are taking hands to rewrite your story about food, energy, and life. With a positive focus on weight loss and health restoration.

Get ready for everyday life with a twist of new fun and a dash of new adventure while fitting easily into those clothes you have been keeping at the back of your closet for far too long!

Commit to yourself now!