H is for Hara Hachi Bu

I learned the meaning of this phrase after completing “The Blue Zones”. 

A book highlighting stories of the world’s longest living people, located in concentrated areas (blue zones) around the world. 

In Okinawa Japan, one of these zones, they have a phrase “Hara Hachi Bu”. 

It translates to “eat until you are 80% full”. 

Okinawans attribute their longevity to this practice.

Imagine the health benefits.

When we stop at 80% full each time we eat, we can have:

Easier Digestion.

Better Sleep

Consistent Energy levels.

Healthy weight loss.

Some of us have tracks playing “Clean your plate” “Don’t waste food”  “Have some more” “It tastes so good”

It can be cultural, and it’s a habit.  

We’ve become accustomed to eating to a certain level of “fullness”. 

What if we adopt Hara Hachi Bu?

Tune into your hunger before you start eating. 

Play with the idea of 80% full.

Start with less. (our eyes are often bigger than our stomach). 

Then decide if you want more.

Slow down. It’s better all around.  

Use smaller serving plates/cups (research backs this up).

Take a deep breath, drop in, and bring your attention into the present. 

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