Tired of

diets and getting nowhere

with weight loss?


  • So you can learn how to CURB CRAVINGS and STOP OVEREATING.

  • So you can stop going from program to program. It's YOU not the program.

  • So you can consistently create the energy deficit (exercise & food) required to lose weight.


Diets fail as they don't teach you how to stop overeating.

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You'll learn a BRAND NEW WAY to:

  • Eat and get in shape without pushing & punishing.

  • Take actions that will reduce cravings & build confidence around food.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on the healthiest version of you.

It's time to set yourself free
from diet culture and ongoing weight loss attempts.
You will find your own path to a healthy weight .

You can have a relationship with food that includes enjoyment, that brings you health and thriving, and leaves behind the control and punishing.

Diet culture is Out


Let's stop making this about sacrifice and use our smarts and a brain-based intelligent approach to control cravings.

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

Alan Cohen

A year from now where will you be with your weight, your health and wellness?

What needs to happen now?

You can start building healthy habits.

You can become the healthiest version of yourself.

Don't make yourself Wrong.

Make yourself Strong.

Dieting and our attempts to lose weight do not actually solve the problem of overeating or curbing cravings. In fact they make it worse! The diet mentality emphasizes restriction, reinforces useless negative self-talk, and sets you up to fail.

Dwelling on our weaknesses or mistakes doesn't help. Coaching takes a different tactic. With my help you learn how to use your eating challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

You'll learn a 3-step process for curbing cravings, so that you stop giving into urges and stop the overeating. This is the real game changer for losing weight.

You'll uncover your own particular challenges, how you may be eating to avoid emotions or to escape or soothe. Or how you might be overeating due to mindlessness or high desire (cravings).

More than Weight Loss

Come experience the power of coaching.

What my clients are saying...




"My days have become much more optimistic and hopeful. Now I know I hold the power to recognize and change my thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. If I had known how valuable Jenifer's coaching was before I started... I would've started sooner!"



"I think about my overall health more comprehensively – nutrition, exercise, behavior, spiritual awareness, emotional components – they all come into play when making changes.

I feel stronger, less critical of myself, and more attuned and aware of food/nutrition in general – and a greater understanding of what motivates me and what sabotages me. I’ve learned that it’s possible to stay on course and how to intercept negative thoughts and work toward a more positive path."



"You helped me to streamline and prioritize the important aspects of my life. Before, I felt unhealthy and overwhelmed with " to-do" lists, drained and impatient with my family. After implementing the concrete solutions to simplify my life, and focus on my own health and well-being, I'm back to feeling more balanced and motivated."

A simple approach to feeling better


Change the way you THINK about it.


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