I is for Intentional

The practice of being intentional in today’s distracted world is important.

There are so many ways to get off track from what matters most to us.

Setting a clear intention in advance gives us a better chance of following through. 

An intention is defined as “an idea or aim you plan to carry out”

When you set an intention, you focus your mind prior to any automatic default reaction.

It will prepare your thinking to have direction and focus.

When done daily or even hourly, intentions keep your thoughts working FOR you. 

They are simpler than goals, and ideally bring you into the present. 

For example, if you’re aware of rushing through meals, you could set the intention to slow down while eating. Or if you’re habitually spending long stretches on the computer, you can set the intention to take ten minute walks or stretch breaks every 2 hours, using the alarm on your phone. 

If you’re meeting up with others, you can set an intention for clarity on what you need, or how you want to show up. 

You can set general intentions such as “ be curious and open-minded’ today. 

These are personal to you, based on what matters to you, serving as a reminder as the day unfolds.

An intention differs from a goal- in that it’s more about who you want to be, rather than a specific outcome. 

Goal:  to hike to the top of a mountain trail.

Intention: to have fun, to enjoy the beauty, and take breaks along the way.

Intentions bring us into the present, thoughtfully nudging us toward our goals in a way that is satisfying and decided in advance.

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