K is for Kindness

Kindness can be defined as benevolence, compassion, and concern, usually toward others.

A virtue highly valued by our society.

We are encouraged to be kind.

Yet so often we’ve overlooked kindness toward ourselves. 

Especially the way we act and feel toward our physical body.

In our culture, we have adopted an ideal concept for the human body. 

In particular thinness is praised, and youthfulness is celebrated. 

We decide we are not measuring up, that we are overweight or looking “old”. 

In our effort to reconcile this conditioning, we are often unkind.

This shuts us off from connecting to our true vitality and aliveness. 

It should be different we say. Our bodies have failed us we say.

Yet our body is just being a body. 

And…. yes the mind is just being a conditioned mind.

It starts with the mind. The mind and body CAN work together.

Body kindness is something we CAN cultivate.  

The same benevolence, care, and compassion we are directing at others, 

CAN be directed toward our body.

Small acts of kindness toward this body we inhabit.

“Kindness” directed inward, CAN be a catalyst for the health and vitality we seek.

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