L is for Loyalty

Loyalty: a strong feeling of support or allegiance. A faithfulness, adherence.

As I started this L Post, my initial thought was to choose the word Love.

Yet I was drawn to this L- word – Loyalty.

And drawn to exploring it in the context of love and self-love.

It was inspired by this poem from the Sufi poet Rumi.

Love is always loyal.

Love demands your absolute loyalty.

Love won’t even look at a disloyal lover. 

As humans, we have a deep need for love and belonging. 

And at the heart of that, is our capacity for self-love. 

So it follows that in our seeking for love, we include self-love.

An unconditional self-love, born from our inherent lovability. 

A love deserving of absolute loyalty.

Not dependent on changing outside influences. 

Not dependent on our natural human propensity to make mistakes.

Not dependent even on our judgements of self or others.

What if self-love simply demands absolute loyalty?

“A faithfulness, an allegiance, an adherence, a strong feeling of support.”

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