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E is for Emotion

January 12, 20221 min read

E is for Emotion

There are different ways we’ve learned to handle our feelings.  We often resist them, or judge them, (good/bad right/wrong). Sometimes indulge them, or ignore them. At their root, feelings are simply energies.

The word “e-motion” = energy in motion.

Most of us didn’t learn the skill of feeling our feelings. It’s common to avoid them altogether and instead blame and complain, our way out of them, or eat, drink, overwork, overthink, exercise, or shop our way through them.    

Ideally for the best quality of life, we learn how to process our emotions. 

But how exactly?

Experts say “allow them”.  Allow them into your attention. But how do you allow?

It takes keen awareness to what’s happening in your body. Which is a skill in itself. Modern life keeps our attention focused everywhere else, (and not on the sensations in your body). 

Some of these sensations can include:

  • Slight contraction of muscles in your hips & pelvis

  • Tightness in your jaw

  • Flutter in your belly

  • Clenching of teeth

  • Furrowing of the brow

  • A spread of lightness or flutter across your stomach or chest. 

It takes practice, to pay attention to what is happening in the body. This is how we can increase our emotional connection, and process feelings as they arise. Energy in motion, they come and they go, like a burst of energy in a tropical storm. Sensations in your body. 

This is a skill that we can practice.

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Jenifer Paredes

"I can't imagine a better way to use our mind than in service of a healthier body"

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