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N is for Nourish

May 03, 20221 min read

N is for Nourish

Our food has changed over the last 100 years with the advent of processed food.

Look at the typical experience at the grocery store. Much of the food displayed, visible on the outer aisles, as you enter the door, won’t actually provide much nourishment. You have to find your way to the outer food aisles, and the produce section. 

It takes some thought and patience today to find nourishing food. 

Nourishment from the food we eat is key to making us feel whole and healthier.

So is nourishing activity.
  • What do you describe as nourishing to you?

  • Have you ever considered walks in nature, or a short cat nap as nourishing?

  • How about time spent with children/grandchildren or with your pets? 

I am nourished by time spent at the beach walking in the sand, viewing the horizon. Music, dance, and all types of movement can fill us up.  What did you delight in as a child?  It’s often the activities we enjoyed as children, and might consider “play”. 

Engaging in play-type activities daily helps to balance the challenges of modern day life. 

Without nourishing food and activities we may feel “undernourished” and compelled into detrimental activities such as overeating, overdrinking, excess social media, excess tv,  or overworking. 

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Jenifer Paredes

"I can't imagine a better way to use our mind than in service of a healthier body"

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