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O is for Obstacle

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May 11, 20221 min read

O is for Obstacle

Obstacle: Those things we constantly run into when trying to get what we want. 

This post is Inspired by Ryan Holiday’s book, “The Obstacle is the Way”

Instead of seeing an obstacle as a barrier, we can see them as growth opportunities. 

Ultimately obstacles are our teachers. 

Let’s consider an obstacle course. A series of challenges, usually physical, placed strategically for players to overcome. 

The objective is to complete the course, and face each obstacle. 

When it comes to our own goals or achievements we can simply see it as an obstacle course.
Most of the challenges we face will involve mental and emotional growth.
We may have to awaken to ways we blame others, or have a victim mentality.
We could have fear.
The fear of failure or not doing it right.
Maybe it’s fear of making someone upset or angry.
It could be a negative attitude, or a tendency to avoid.
These are the obstacles we can run into when seeking a fulfilling purposeful life.
We often stay comfortable and avoid these obstacles, or get deterred by them.

Yet if the obstacle is the way, then we can change our perception.

We simply expect to have obstacles. We expect they will grow and challenge us.
We get support for overcoming them.
When truly called to our desire, it’s necessary to plan for obstacles and start to turn each adversity into our advantage. 

Jenifer Paredes

"I can't imagine a better way to use our mind than in service of a healthier body"

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