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Our narrative about the role we play in our health and aging is deeply conditioned, often flawed and automatic. Gaining awareness is key. You can start by simply observing your thoughts. Getting a handle on negative self-talk can change how you feel, opening up the possibility for new ways to think about growing older. Our thoughts and language are powerful. They have an impact on the quality of your life right now and will influence the quality of the years ahead. 

Our narrative around our health and body is deeply conditioned, and automatic. A way to gain awareness is to slow down and observe your thoughts. Negative self-talk that goes unchecked, will influence how you feel, your stress level, and the actions you take. It impacts your health and quality of life now and in your future.

It’s natural for many of us to ignore our own self care. It’s partly conditioning and for many it was not possible in our families. Recognizing our own needs can feel awkward and selfish. Yet it is a big part of getting healthy and living a quality life. When we learn to care for ourselves we can give from a full cup, and not from resentment.

We need to start out with a mindset that we know we are going to stay with it. That we are not wanting a quick fix, that we want to find ways to stay on track and commit so that we don’t give up before we reach our goals. 

(This is very common, and it’s the reason we don’t get results.)

This is very common and many of us have not had the opportunity to focus here. We are often so busy taking care of others and achieving our goals and we can overlook this area of our health.

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