A is for Apple

Unlearn to Unleash the life you’ve always wanted.

F is for Fiber-fueled

We humans evolved eating huge amounts of fiber, likely up to 10 times more than we eat today. Fiber is

E is for Emotion

There are different ways we can handle our feelings.   We can Resist them,  Judge them, (good/bad right/wrong).   Indulge them,

D is for Dirty Dozen

As we increase our intake of healthy fruits and vegetables it’s necessary to navigate the organic vs. non-organic decision. In

C is for Caloric Density

One blueberry contains one calorie.  A Calorie is a unit of measure. It’s a measure of energy the body gets

B is for Belly Breath

We tend to notice our breath when immersed in water, especially when under water. I recall times as a child

A is for Apple

We’ve developed an unnatural desire for foods that are making us sick.  The science is becoming clear, the SAD, (Standard

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A brand new approach to ending the struggle with weight.  
Step into your future of health and vitality. 

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