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Q is for Quietness

June 02, 20221 min read

Q is for Quiet

Quiet: the quality of very little noise. I am reminded of that classic song by Simon and Garfunkle.
titled “The sounds of silence”
What is whispered in the sounds of silence? 

What happens in the absence of the noise, between the words and between our thoughts?
Sitting down and getting quiet can feel so uncomfortable.

Yet getting quiet could be just what we need.

It can be described as “freedom from disturbance and interruption” or as a “peaceful and settled state”.
In this technology-advanced age,
It seems we are faced with a shortage of this “quietness”.

Yet within the natural quiet, the pause, the reflection, we experience a deeper awareness of our human experience.
With easy access to an unending flow of external information, and stimulation, it is more important than ever.
It requires effort to turn our attention here.
It can feel awkward and unnatural to our busy brain.
It may even feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

This is why many of us seek it out and even join with others. We attend retreats, attend meditation and yoga, and take walks in nature. There’s a growing sense that quietness re-connects us to our beingness, our knowingness, to our fundamental human needs and values.

It brings a quality of peace, and contentment to our lives. 

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Jenifer Paredes

"I can't imagine a better way to use our mind than in service of a healthier body"

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